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Lijin County belongs to Dongying City. It located in the northeast of Shandong Province, the southwest coast of the Bohai Sea, the left side of the Yellow River import section. It across the East longitude 118o07 '~ 118o54', and north latitude 37o22 '~ 38o12'. On its east is the Yellow River, on its northeast is the Bohai Sea, on its is nest to Kenliand Dongying District, on its southeast , across the riveris Boxing County, on itswest are Binzhou City, Bincheng District, and Zhanhua County, on itsnorth it is mixed with Hekou District. LijinCounty is a narrow strip, which is 102.5 km long and 8.5 to 25 km width, with a total area of 1665.6 square kilometers.

    Lijin County has a richland resources, which has available land more than 190 acres, arable land area of 80 million mu, natural grassland and artificial grassland more than 40 million mu, nearly a million mu of land to be exploited. The Yellow River water is the main water source in Lijin County, with an average annual inflow of 42.31 billion m3. Yellow River water quality is good, hydrogen ion concentration between 8 ~ 8.3PH value, the total hardness of 3 to 6 degrees, the degree of mineralization is less than 1 g / l. In 2001 the Yellow River water supply 484 million m3.


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