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Zhou Qin times the county southwest is the ancient land, is Qi.

Han Dynasty is a thousand county by Luo Wo County, Polygonic County.

After the Eastern Han Dynasty, due to the Yellow River in the Lijin field into the sea, with the formation and development of the Yellow River Delta, Lijin area continue to expand to the Bohai Bay, the construction of the town of Yongli town (in the east bank of Lijin River), is Pu Tai County.

Tang and Song is Bohai County Wynn town.

Jin Ming Mingchang three years in December (AD 1193 January) Lengli town for Lijin County, Shandong East Road Binzhou provincial governor.

Yuan and Ming dynasties is Shandong Binzhou Binzhou.

Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China is Shandong Wuding House (Huimin County).

The late Qing Dynasty, organized justice and fist to carry out anti-imperialist patriotic movement, after the Shandong governor Yuan Shikai bloody repression.

During the period of the Republic of China, there were "big riches", "anti-test deeds", greet (county) officials struggle and respond to the "May Fourth" anti-imperialist patriotic demonstrations, propaganda speech, strike strike, organization "red gun" Wait.

In 1941 the establishment of anti-Japanese revolutionary regime, August 18, 1944, the liberation of Lijin County.

During the war of resistance against Japan and the liberation war, Lijin children in the battle of Laiwu, Tai'an battles, Jinan campaign, Huaihai battle and many other famous battlefield and crossing the south to open up the liberated areas Rong Li military exploits, made due contributions.

After the establishment of the new China is a Huimin agency. November 1958, Zhanhua, Lijin County, said Zhanhua County, is Zibo agency. In October 1961 to restore the construction of Lijin County, is still Huimin agency. October 15, 1983 the establishment of Dongying City designated as the county, while the original Luo family commune of the four natural villages and the original Liuhe commune was placed under the new estuary area.



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